Having spent the best part of the 80’s trying to get his music signed to a label Bit Pixel gave up the ghost and joined the rat race. Spending his days working in a biscuit factory, dreaming of what might have been. Meanwhile in another part of the south east of England, Wayne at Lucky Pierre who while going through his mums loft had found a bag of old demo tape’s believed to have been rescued from a bin outside the then Mute Records office in London sometime between 1986 and 1988. When he heard the faded, long lost and rejected pop songs of bit pixel, he felt a calling to put this wrong to rights. At all costs this album had to be made. It took Wayne a good few months to finally track Bit down and put the offer to him, Wayne would buy Bit a nice new laptop to compliment his battered and aged synths and give him the software required to produce an album for his record label Lucky Pierre Recordings. So full with a new enthusiasm and feeling of optimism Off Bit went laptop in hand back to life in the biscuit factory. But this time spending every last spare minute of the day working on sounds and melodies at last his dream was to be realised. Five years later that album was delivered to Wayne who had waited patiently, checking in every now and then to take stock of progress. With the hard work behind him life is still the same the factory still calls at 7:30 every morning, this time made bearable by the fact that some one some where may just be playing his music. These days evenings are spend planning new sounds and melodies. Some might say 20 years too late, we just say better late than never.

If you liked Pet Shop Boys, Human League, Depeche Mode, Howard Jones, O.M.D, Celebrate The Nun, Erasure. You just might love Bit Pixel.